why am i blogging?

Over the last ten years I have had concerns about gender identity ideology. On the lesbian scene I slowly saw women say that they were really men, and then an actual man came to our lesbian group. I thought it was weird but I didn’t freak out or stop going to the group. Then I logged onto some dating apps and saw that a huge chunk of the profiles were now men. So I just dropped out of all that for a bit. Then I started following Cathy Brennan’s blogs and vlogs (she was once normal and sane – what happened?!) and Magdalen Berns, and then finally when Maria MacLachlan was punched in the face, Venice Allan was chucked out of the Labour Party and Posie Parker was targeted by Mermaids, I hit #peaktrans, and like so many others, started tweeting about it.

Like so many in the gender critical/radical feminist movement (terms I loathe) I have found my own way to be useful in the form of attending meetings of the activists, but also reporting on the culture (where in fact a lot of the activism happens). I have now set up this blog because it is clear that Twitter discriminates against people with conservative views and in particular women who campaign for women’s rights and call a spade a spade.