Since 2018 I have been blogging about gender identity ideology, queer theory (particularly with regards to academia), LGBTQ identity politics and training and LGBTQ themed culture (especially films). I also have an interest in surrogacy.

My concerns with gender identity ideology started to form c. 2005. On the lesbian scene more women started to say that they were really men, and I saw a growing number of trans-identified men on the scene and on dating apps. Then I started following Cathy Brennan and Magdalen Berns, and then finally when Maria MacLachlan was punched in the face, Venice Allan was chucked out of the Labour Party and Posie Parker was targeted by Mermaids, I truly hit #peaktrans, and so at the beginning of 2018, I started tweeting.

Like so many in the gender critical/radical feminist movement (terms I loathe) I have found my own way to be useful in the form of attending meetings, but also reporting on the culture (where in fact a lot of the activism happens).

The principal reason for doing this is because I oppose the medicalisation of bodies and believe that language has to be rooted in truth and policy should be formed on facts, not feelings.

I am on Twitter as The Lies They Tell @sarahstuartxx and you are welcome to contact me there.