Webinar on ‘Camming: Money, Power and Pleasure in the Sex Work Industry’

Jones claims that she is a former sex worker, though naturally enough was short on any further details, and sounded curiously removed from the peoples’ lives she was discussing. She cheerfully told the students that camming reproduces a system of oppression, like heterosexism, sexism and ableism, which oppresses people. On the other hand, cammers reported ‘high rates of job satisfaction and experiences of pleasure’. Good rates of pay were also possible, she promised, but wanted to emphasise that doing the job wasn’t ‘just about money’, describing the global expansion of this sex industry as ‘exciting times’ and that sex workers had always been at the forefront of improving human sexual pleasure.

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Conversation with the Author of ‘I am Jazz’

Jessica Herthel is a straight ally activist, who has made media appearances with Jazz Jennings, and wrote the book I am Jazz. About this event Based on the real-life experiences of Jazz Jennings, a transgender YouTube personality, Human Rights Campaign Youth Ambassador and TLC star. “This is an essential tool for parents and teachers to

Focus on Trans and Non-Binary in the City

Williamson moaned about the implications of COVID affecting the length of ‘transition’. There had been a shortage of hormones during lockdown and there were only three surgeons in the UK who do phalloplasty surgery (I met one of them, he was obese and fell asleep in the meeting). Juno Dawson had apparently compared being trans to having a power draining app on your phone, a metaphor I think we can all agree with.

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Trans Artists in Conversation …

… with Charlie Craggs and Travis Alabanza About this event This is a live online event hosted by The Research Forum at The Courtauld and organised by the LGBTQIA+ Society. The incredible Charlie Craggs (she/her) and the illustrious Travis Alabanza (they/them) will be joining the President of the Courtauld’s LGBTQIA+ Society to discuss their work

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Review of documentary: In The Turn

Like other documentaries in this genre, the film is really about the mother and has the added dimension of providing a justification for mixed sexed sports. The mother is on a roller derby team (which appears to be mainly men) and she tells us she was drawn to the sport because it was inclusive of queer and transgender people. Roller derby is a full contact sport which appears to be 90 percent tackling, it has no governing body, and the rules of the game aren’t clear cut. I hesitate to denounce it as not a real sport, given my all-round ignorance on such things, but let’s just point out there’s no ball, and leave it at that.

Discussion on coalition building with pioneering thinkers and writers.

The point of the debate was to find out how to coalition build; but only with people you basically agree with as it turns out. O’Hagan told us that there was a narrative being built around the idea that migrants and trans people were the enemy of the working class and said that in Parliament that very day there was a plan a foot to privatise the whole of the NHS (there wasn’t).

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Stonewall Festive Reception

A night with Z-list celebs and career LGBTQ+ activists! What could be more Christmassy? Hello siblings! Dr Ranj Singh does intro. Boo-hoo poor beleaguered Stonewall. Your help is needed more than ever. LGBTQ+ have been affected by COVID very badly, so please donate. Silent auction is amazing. One prize is baking class with Bake Off


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