Review of play: 52 Monologues for Young Transsexuals

The play was staged at the ADC Theatre, ‘the smallest department of Cambridge University’ and run by students with almost no faculty involvement, according to its website. It’s across the way from the prestigious King’s College. The theatre encourages patrons to wear masks to protect themselves from coronavirus. Encouragement rather undermined by Charli collecting spit from audience members into a cup on entry into the theatre space, later to be thrown over him by Jack.

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A Human Ape Jabbers Away

About this event Different: What apes can teach us about gender World-renowned primatologist Frans de Waal explores what we know of biological sex differences and of the role of culture and socialization. How different are the sexes? Is gender uniquely human? Where does gender identity originate? Drawing on decades of observing our closest living relatives,

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(Un)Safe to be Me?

More bed wetting from the gender-addled gerbils, featuring cast of thousands and Nancy Kelley About this event An inter-disciplinary half-day conference exploring the legal, social and political rights of LGBTI people in the United Kingdom The conference is co-hosted by the Human Rights Implementation Centre (University of Bristol) and Centre for Cultures of Reproduction, Technologies and Health (University

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The Tragedy of Heterosexuality: Invitations Forward with Author Jane Ward

The audience of the webinar were mainly therapists, likely with a specialism in couples therapy and began with a land acknowledgement from Jennifer Hollinshead of the counselling service Peak Resilience hosting the session. She encouraged us to visit the land acknowledgement website she was reading from, so that we too can learn tribe names we can’t pronounce. Gender and sex was intricately linked to colonialism, she told us, and these tribes had a much more diverse gender system than ours (I don’t see how though, when we have at least a gazillion). The gender binary had been used to suppress peasant uprisings in Europe. The money raised from the seminar would go to an indigenous women’s group in Vancouver (I note from the blurb the term ‘self-identifying’ is used) and what sounded like a BLM-type justice project in LA. Neither project are registered charities, nor appear to have any governance in place.

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What do you get when a Q, two Ts and A meet up?

Imagine my excitement when I saw this oppression olympics event. You can’t?! Well let me tell you the £7 ticket was cheap at half-the-price for Travis alone, but to have three further gender-addled-gerbils thrown into the bargain was a bonanza. Travis was resplendent in a high-neck orange gingham mini-dress. Preferring to sit to the side he was soon asked to sit centre, which makes sense really, being the main man. Fox was almost unrecognisable, I couldn’t quite make it out at first, but finally settled on her eyes being noticeably smaller. Tiredness, perhaps.

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Review of trans memoir by Sarah McBride

The book is called Tomorrow Will Be Different – Love, Loss and The Fight for Trans Equality, the covered adorned with blue and pink eggs and a yellow love heart on top. I wondered whether it was ghostwritten as the text is so devoid of any eccentricity or personal foibles, but perhaps McBride wanted it to be what it is; a political manifesto filled with propaganda.

Review of Travis’s new play – I’m Tired of Waiting, Pass Me the Duct Tape

So we have one professional actor and two who aren’t. I’m Tired of Waiting is a reference to the NHS waiting list for treatment for gender dysphoria and Pass me the Duct Tape a reference to tucking (or binding for the teen girls in the audience, and believe me there were plenty). I guess this must be Travis’s current work in progress. Predicted crapometer rating 11/10. And thus it came to pass.

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Banning Conversion Therapy and Single-Sex Space Guidance explained by Mermaids

From my original thread posted on Twitter. Mermaids Gender have held a webinar on conversion therapy on their Instagram account. Hosted by Alex Woolhouse, Mermaids in-house solicitor, who is a man who transitioned whilst at University. They were discussing the government’s recent U-turn on removing trans people from the legislation and the guidance from the

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