Transtopia: A Book Talk with Howard Chiang

About this event Join us to hear Dr. Howard Chiang discuss his new monograph, Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific. This talk proposes a new paradigm for doing transgender history in which geopolitics assumes central importance. Defined as the antidote to transphobia, transtopia challenges a minoritarian view of transgender experience and makes room for the variability

Torrey Peters: Modern Families, baby

Introduction To think people actually paid to be in the audience to watch Torrey Peters on a screen is kind of mind boggling, but it’s true – about 60 of them by the look of things – held in a lecture hall at Edinburgh University. Another 70 or so watched live online, including yours truly. 

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The Sex Tapes – Kink and Trans Masculinity

About the event The debut conversation for our new panel series will explore the intersection of trans masculinity and kink, one night only! The intersection of trans masculinity and kink is notable, but rarely given center stage publicly. The Sexual Health Programme have brought together some amazing panelists to talk about their experiences and to


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