Discussion on coalition building with pioneering thinkers and writers.

The point of the debate was to find out how to coalition build; but only with people you basically agree with as it turns out. O’Hagan told us that there was a narrative being built around the idea that migrants and trans people were the enemy of the working class and said that in Parliament that very day there was a plan a foot to privatise the whole of the NHS (there wasn’t).

Discussion: The Activist Museum

The event was attended by around 90 people, the majority of whom were from the museum sector or PhD students in related study areas. The host, Richard Sandell, told us of his hurt that not everyone agreed that activism had a place in museums, and that the word ‘activism’ was beginning to be used pejoratively. Not just by the ‘right wing’ media either, but also amongst museum leadership itself! Sandell wants to reclaim the ethical roots of ‘museum activism’.

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