Review of Travis’s new play – I’m Tired of Waiting, Pass Me the Duct Tape

So we have one professional actor and two who aren’t. I’m Tired of Waiting is a reference to the NHS waiting list for treatment for gender dysphoria and Pass me the Duct Tape a reference to tucking (or binding for the teen girls in the audience, and believe me there were plenty). I guess this must be Travis’s current work in progress. Predicted crapometer rating 11/10. And thus it came to pass.

An evening with Patrisse Cullors from Black Lives Matter

As suspected very few people coughed up the cash for expensive seats but the audience size was pretty reasonable, given the utter gubbins we were about to hear. It was mainly women, about half were black women, with a few men here and there, accompanying girlfriends for the most part. It was late starting as people were late arriving – an indication of apathy I wondered, but no, when Cullors was finally introduced it was to rapturous applause and, that most un-British of all things, whooping. Two BSL interpreters were in attendance.

Equity in Healthcare for Trans and Gender Diverse People

Dr Nambiar began by telling us that he did not have any competing interests and welcomed any emails from junior doctors after the talk. The difference between equality and equity, was that with equality everyone gets a shoe, and with equity a shoe that actually fits (like Cinderella). Hence Dr Nambiar believes that trans people require their own special sexual health service. On the one hand, one can quite agree with this, especially if the patients are on exogenous hormones, you need a clinical team which understand the implications of this. On the other, if it is creating an environment where vulnerable adults end up being around trans activist medical staff, being presented only an affirmative approach to treatment, it might not be such a good idea.

CliniQ Annual Conference 2022

Because ‘transphobia’ was on the rise it was becoming increasingly difficult for people to talk to their GPs about their healthcare needs (and when they say ‘healthcare’ they really mean access to cross sex hormones). Thus began the conference which repeatedly focussed on GPs having the responsibility to manage ‘trans healthcare’, which really requires the monitoring of an endocrinologist if anyone has to be saddled with such a responsibility.

Webinar on ‘Camming: Money, Power and Pleasure in the Sex Work Industry’

Jones claims that she is a former sex worker, though naturally enough was short on any further details, and sounded curiously removed from the peoples’ lives she was discussing. She cheerfully told the students that camming reproduces a system of oppression, like heterosexism, sexism and ableism, which oppresses people. On the other hand, cammers reported ‘high rates of job satisfaction and experiences of pleasure’. Good rates of pay were also possible, she promised, but wanted to emphasise that doing the job wasn’t ‘just about money’, describing the global expansion of this sex industry as ‘exciting times’ and that sex workers had always been at the forefront of improving human sexual pleasure.

Focus on Trans and Non-Binary in the City

Williamson moaned about the implications of COVID affecting the length of ‘transition’. There had been a shortage of hormones during lockdown and there were only three surgeons in the UK who do phalloplasty surgery (I met one of them, he was obese and fell asleep in the meeting). Juno Dawson had apparently compared being trans to having a power draining app on your phone, a metaphor I think we can all agree with.

Review of documentary: In The Turn

Like other documentaries in this genre, the film is really about the mother and has the added dimension of providing a justification for mixed sexed sports. The mother is on a roller derby team (which appears to be mainly men) and she tells us she was drawn to the sport because it was inclusive of queer and transgender people. Roller derby is a full contact sport which appears to be 90 percent tackling, it has no governing body, and the rules of the game aren’t clear cut. I hesitate to denounce it as not a real sport, given my all-round ignorance on such things, but let’s just point out there’s no ball, and leave it at that.

Discussion on coalition building with pioneering thinkers and writers.

The point of the debate was to find out how to coalition build; but only with people you basically agree with as it turns out. O’Hagan told us that there was a narrative being built around the idea that migrants and trans people were the enemy of the working class and said that in Parliament that very day there was a plan a foot to privatise the whole of the NHS (there wasn’t).

Discussion: The Activist Museum

The event was attended by around 90 people, the majority of whom were from the museum sector or PhD students in related study areas. The host, Richard Sandell, told us of his hurt that not everyone agreed that activism had a place in museums, and that the word ‘activism’ was beginning to be used pejoratively. Not just by the ‘right wing’ media either, but also amongst museum leadership itself! Sandell wants to reclaim the ethical roots of ‘museum activism’.

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