Review of comedy and poetry show by ALOK

Thank you to the tweep who alerted me to in late May. Luckily I jumped straight on it and was able to secure a ticket before the Saturday night sold out, there were only 3 tickets left. They were expensive too, at £28 a pop, indicating yet again that trans-themed culture is a niche of the wealthy. Alok had a sold out run. I have previously blogged about him here, if you missed it, one of my first pieces after I started this website.

Shon Faye in conversation. *Again*.

Shon began with a reading from his rabidly left wing book – trans people have faced over a century of injustice, and justice for trans people meant justice for all, that sort of thing. A revolution basically. Those who push back against of this are just fearful old bags. Let’s just remind ourselves of Shon’s former self, back when he was just plain old Sean.

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