Stonewall Festive Reception

A night with Z-list celebs and career LGBTQ+ activists! What could be more Christmassy?

Hello siblings!

Dr Ranj Singh does intro. Boo-hoo poor beleaguered Stonewall. Your help is needed more than ever. LGBTQ+ have been affected by COVID very badly, so please donate. Silent auction is amazing. One prize is baking class with Bake Off winner. Donate now.

Nancy Kelley’s bit

Nancy Kelley celebrates milestones achieved this year. Rolled out new strategy – Free to Be. Conversion therapy consultation after 3 years, esp. important to restrict talking therapies. Produced guidance for organisations to respond to consultation, pls fill out response. Fought for LGBTQ+ refugees, esp. Afghans. Fighting NICE guidance re: fertility treatment, Weegan are challenging this. Two gay men fighting for birth certificates. Also, the Bell appeal. So much more to do in the year ahead.

ACE and intersex people should also be protected by the conversion therapy ban. Need to fight for gender confirmatory healthcare. We will keep building our Diversity Champion Programme and education programme. Rainbow Laces – we belong in every sport. Stonewall will fight for equity and freedom.

Conversion therapy vid

Shown a video all about conversion therapy; the situation is very bad – 7 percent of all LGBTQ+ people have experienced it and that goes up to 10 percent for ACE people and 13 percent for trans people.

TV presenter I have never heard of tells us it almost happened to him, but his parents stopped it. Hm. Being LGBTQ+ is just like having an eye colour and you can’t change it. It needs to stop. Please fill out the consultation. Proposals don’t go far enough as it still allows adults to make their own choice to seek conversion therapy – it needs to be stopped entirely.

Half an hour in, there hasn’t been a single light moment.

LGBTQ+ refugees

Executive Director of Rainbow Migration to tell us about the amazing work Stonewall has done with Afghans. Govt. plans to ask people to prove they are LGBTQI+. Bill will make it worse. Stonewall done incredible work for LGBTQI+ in Afghanistan.

Gis’ us yor money

Raj Singh says everything he’s heard is amazing but our help is needed. What can we do about conversion therapy? Get behind Stonewall by pledging support – it’s now time for our pledge and donate moment. Scan QR code or click on link. £100 will help refugees. £500 could help policy team for conversion therapy. Or you can choose a smaller amount!

Woman with guitar

Finally a performance. Some bird with a stripy jumper and a guitar (Romy from The XX, I think). It’s okay. It’s a love song, but the audience is expecting a Xmas song, surely?

Dr Ranj is back to say that over £20k has now been raised.

Romy comes back to do another song – another downbeat love song which was supposedly ‘The Rhythm of the Night’. In the chat some MSPs announce themselves.

Dr Ranj back to tell us during that one song another grand was raised. We are now halfway through it (please god). Juno Dawson up next to talk about healthcare- his personal journey.

Juno’s journey

Juno is on pre-recorded video (daylight outside). Stonewall working like little elves on healthcare. Started transition 2014 and had to wait 11 months for treatment, now wait list is years. Had to travel from Brighton to Northampton and had to pay own train tickets! Most can’t afford private sector, plus they are discriminated in workplace.

Juno received a lot of unwanted attention and abuse on the streets because of how he looked. Thought healthcare would be the golden bullet. Mum used to take HRT. There are pilots out there to help trans people. System not fit for purpose. Stonewall working with NHS England to make it happen.

Missed rest of Juno’s inspiring talk because supermarket shopping arrived. Juno is available to talk at your school/workplace.

Bloke from partner organisation

Paul Martin, he/him, CEO LGBT Foundation now talking. Over last 5 decades delivered services to LGBTQ+ people. Forefront of campaign for legal protections. Not always seen eye to eye with Stonewall but wants to support LGBTQ+ people. Stonewall is here to be controversial.

We work best when we work together, for every LGBTQ+ person. We send our love to all of Stonewall and proud to be a supporter and to be an ally. Amazed at the amazing range of work. Please dig deep for the fundraiser. Waves a little rainbow flag in front of the screen. Wally. Should win award for saying LGBTQ+ the most times.

Dr Ranj reflects – wonderful to hear support from Stonewall and LGBTQ+ allies.

Ayla Holdom

Now Ayla Holdom – Stonewall Trustee. Holdom is suing the NHS for access to IVF. Still time to donate.

Another video recording (probably the whole thing is). Ayla on camera with his baby, pretending to be mum. Came out as trans in 2010. ‘Talking of future generations,’ he says and points to baby – he and wife have been on journey. Had baby via IVF. NHS wouldn’t treat them. Paid a small fortune to have it privately.

NICE guidance states that women should have had tried unprotected sex for two years, or 12 cycles of semen donation. Gay men couples doing surrogacy can’t both be on the birth certificates and mother must still be on it. Stonewall wants to fight this and engaging with Law Commission review. Want NICE guidelines to centre LGBTQ+ people.

Holdom repeats Stonewall priorities again. Huge thank you for all our speakers for their inspiring speakers and to the audience, says Holdom. We are stronger together.

Thingy from Little Mix

Big thank you from thingy in Little Mix. Another pre-recorded video. Please donate basically. Lasted about 50 seconds. Inspiring stuff.

Wrap up

Dr Ranj thank you for your donations. Stonewall will now be able to fight for LGBTQ+ people. You should be proud of yourselves – 22K raised. It’s been a fabulous evening.

Now time to dance with Vanity Milan (off of Drag Race). Another pre-recorded video. Lip syncing of course. The song chosen is half decent though, but not Christmassy. Stonewall really don’t know Christmas – I think we should send them the three spirits.

So basically that was an hour long advert for Stonewall plus brainwashing thrown in with absolute ZERO entertainment. Oh my.

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